Another wandering albatross chick raised on Pitt Island

Wandering albatross chick on Hakepa, Pitt IslandWandering albatross chick on Hakepa, Pitt IslandDOC ranger Kenny Dix took the opportunity to band the wandering albatross chick whilst he was visiting Pitt Island recently. This was the sixth Antipodean wandering albatoss chick to be raised on Pitt Island and all going well, this special little one will set out to sea in early 2013.

The first banding was carried out on a wandering albatross chick in 2008 and because chicks can take up to an incredible seven years before they return to their fledging site, we may not know until 2015 how strong the sense of ‘returning home’ is for the young fledging.

Dorse and Judy Lanauze, part landowners of the majestic hill ‘Hakepa’, are delighted with the thought that in years to come their back yard may be the home for a new colony of seabirds on the Chatham Islands.

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