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Hokotehi Moriori Trust is reopening the Lime Quarry at Henga in the next couple of months. We have undertaken sampling from two independent sources in NZ over the past couple of years and both indicate that Henga lime is of a VERY high quality and can be applied directly to the land.  Anyone wanting to see copies of the tests please make contact. To import crushed lime from NZ costs farmers around $120-140/tonne landed on the Chathams.
Henga Quarries will be selling our lime to local farmers for around half this price and we have purchased a truck and spreader and new digger to assist with this enterprise. Our prices will be $45/tonne plus GST for sales at the gate and $65/tonne plus GST is you want it spread onto your land. The price will vary depending on the distance to travel from Henga to the buyers’ farm.

Anyone interested in buying lime from Henga Quarries can contact either Tom Lanauze (who will be operating the lime quarry at Henga) or me by email (or as I’m in NZ until early Jan 0275 989997).

Me rongo (in peace)
Maui Solomon
General Manager
Hokotehi Moriori Trust
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